【Renewal】IELTS Precautionary measures against COVID-19


Eiken Foundation of Japan


Precautionary measures taken at test venues

  * All staff members including Examiners have gone through a through health check and their conditions have been confirmed suitable to proctor the test.
  * All staff members including Examiners will be wearing a mask (or a face shield). 
  * All test takers are asked to wear a mask on the day.
  * In addition, we ask all test takers to use hand sanitizers placed in the facility.
  * Air conditioners and Air cleaners will be used to ventilate the rooms.
  * The venue will be cleansed and sanitized before use.
  * All test takers will be asked to go through a health check. Test Takers who are found to have any of the symptoms outlined in the health checklist will be asked to leave the venue.
  * The health checklist will be provided prior to the test date via email. After going through the health check on the day, test takers will be asked to sign and confirm the terms
   and conditions outlined in the health checklist. Any test taker who refuses to do so will not be allowed to sit the test. 
  * All staff members are instructed to remove any test takers from the test room, should the test taker show symptoms which may be considered harmful
    or interfere other test takers i.e. sever cough etc.


Request to test takers attending the test


Please refrain from attending the test if you have any of the following symptoms

  * If you have temperature above 37.5 degrees
  * If you are not feeling well on the day
  * If you have visited a hospital or taken medications within the last 2 weeks due to a fever or cold like symptoms.
  * If you have visited entry restricted counties in the last 14 days.
  * If your inmate shows any of the symptoms listed above


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation on the following matters

  * Please wear a mask.
※In order to prevent possible heat strokes, candidates may take off their mask at their own discretion during the written tests.
※Please refrain from talking while you have your masks off.
※Note that you will still be required to have your masks on during the speaking test.

  * Please refrain from unnecessary chatting to reduce the possibility of transmission by droplets.
  * Please use hand sanitizers situated in the venue.
  * Transparent hand gloves will be allowed as long as it is used as a precautionary measure against the virus.