Full-time editorial staff

Job Type Full-time editorial staff

Full-time editorial staff
The Test Production Division at Eiken relies on a diverse team of full-time content specialists who assist in the writing, editing, and publishing of materials for EIKEN and other tests. Specialists work on a contract basis and receive an annual salary and benefits.

No positions are available at this time.

EIKEN examiners

Job Type EIKEN examiners

Eiken occasionally seeks qualified candidates to join more than 10,000 examiners nationwide who administer the EIKEN speaking tests. Upon successful completion of training, examiners are assigned to test sites as needed depending on the grade(s) they have been trained to administer and the number of examinees near their location. Registration as an EIKEN examiner does not guarantee regular assignment to test sites.

No positions are available at this time.

IELTS examiners

Job Type IELTS examiners

Please e-mail us to receive an application form.
You will need:
※ An undergraduate degree or a qualification which can be demonstrated to be equivalent to an undergraduate degree.
※ A recognized qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) or recognized equivalent as part of a recognized university award course.
※ At least 3 years full time (or the equivalent part time) relevant TESOL teaching experience (minimum one year post certificate level qualification). The majority of this teaching experience must relate to adult students (16 years and over).
※ The required professional attributes and interpersonal skills.
For more information on the minimum professional requirements or to request an application form, please e-mail us.

No positions are available at this time.

IELTS invigilators

Job Type IELTS invigilators

Eiken seeks responsible and reliable individuals looking for part-time weekend work to join our team of IELTS invigilators/supervisors.

Invigilators will need basic English skills to assist non-Japanese candidates at test sessions. Supervisors will need more advanced English (e.g., EIKEN Grade 2 or higher, IELTS 5.5 or higher) to read instructions in English to candidates before and during the IELTS test.

Test sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays in central Tokyo 2-3 times per month, and on Saturdays in Yokohama once per month. Rates of pay start at 1,000 yen for invigilators, and 1,600 yen for supervisors.

Please e-mail us for more information.