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 These days, some employers allow their employees to bring pets to work. Of course, bringing pets to work can cause problems. Pets can cause accidents and can also be noisy. However, for some people, taking their pets to work helps them work better. They are more relaxed when they are with their pets, and they don’t have to leave work early to look after them.

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 In Greenhill schools, problematic behavior among students is increasing. In 2009 there were 100 incidents, but by 2012 the number had reached 250. Of the incidents reported in 2012, 34% were fights, 31% were bullying, 22% were smoking, and 13% involved the use of drugs.
 Mike Parker, the principal at North Greenhill High School, proposed two solutions. First, Parker thinks that teachers should be trained to better understand the problems young people face both at school and at home. His second proposal is to hire more school counselors so that students can discuss their problems more easily.
 Meanwhile, Sarah Case, an experienced junior high school teacher, suggested that class sizes at Greenhill schools should be reduced. This would allow teachers to spend more time with each student. Case also thinks as Parker does that teachers do not know enough about issues like illegal drugs. Therefore, they should be given better training.
 In my opinion, giving teachers better training would work the best. Teachers must deal with various and complex issues nowadays, so they are required not only to be teachers but also to be counselors, advisors, and, especially, good listeners. Effective training would make this possible, I believe.

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