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Established: 14 Dec 2004
Latest revision: 28 Jun 2012 Eiken Foundation of Japan
Koichi Matsukawa, Chairman

Privacy Policy of the Eiken Foundation of Japan

The Eiken Foundation of Japan (hereafter Eiken) handles the personal information of many individuals, including examinees, test administrators, and Eiken employees, in the course of its business activities. As a nonprofit foundation that handles this personal information, we view privacy protection as a foundation of our business. We also regard the appropriate administration of this personal information as our social responsibility. All Eiken employees, including executives, share a common understanding of these views, and on that basis are committed to protecting personal information as set forth in the terms of the privacy policy that follows

  1. 1.When Eiken collects personal information, the purpose for which the information was collected must be shown, and the handling of personal information for uses beyond this purpose (hereafter “Other Purposes”) is expressly forbidden by Eiken. If it becomes necessary that information be used for Other Purposes, the said person must be contacted concerning the Other Purposes, and the information will be used only after consent from the said person has been obtained.
  2. 2.Personal information that has been obtained from the said person shall not be disclosed to a third party, except in the following cases:
    1. 2-1.The said person has given consent;
    2. 2-2.The information is to be handled by outsourcing companies with which there is an existing confidentiality agreement where the information is handled to the extent necessary for the express purpose;
    3. 2-3.A situation in which by processed statistical data the individual cannot be distinguished from others;
    4. 2-4.Eiken is legally ordered to disclose the personal information.
  3. 3.If you wish to confirm personal information about yourself, please use the Contact Form link below (hereafter the Contact Form). Because Eiken prohibits personal information disclosure to third parties, we must verify your identity before your request can be met. Responses to requests for information changes, deletions, complaints, or other contacts will be provided only after your identity is verified by the same procedure.
  4. 4.Eiken will securely store and manage all collected personal information. Appropriate policies and procedures will be established to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, disclosure, or other breaches of personal information security.
  5. 5.Eiken will comply with all applicable laws, and government regulations, guidelines, and standards pertaining to personal information security.
  6. 6.Eiken will endeavor to educate and train its employees to protect personal information and to remain vigilant about personal information security.
  7. 7.This policy is to be displayed on the Eiken website where it can be viewed at any time.
  8. 8.Eiken will conduct regular inspections and compliance audits in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) for the protection of personal information, entitled "Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements" (JIS Q 15001:2006) and with Eiken's own policies based on JIS Q 15001:2006. Continuous efforts will be made to protect personal information and make improvements based on the results of these inspections and audits.

Concerning the handling of personal information

The Eiken Foundation of Japan, as a corporate body that handles personal information, has a social responsibility to protect and properly manage personal information protected under the law, and is determined to make every effort to execute the protection of personal information as stated in the following.

  1. 1.Name of Organization:
    Eiken Foundation of Japan (hereafter Eiken)
  2. 2.Privacy Policy Administrator:
    The Director General of Eiken
  3. 3.Purpose of use:
    Eiken collects personal information for the smooth administering of examinations, providing notices of results to candidates, receiving and responding to inquiries, providing information regarding recognition of the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, and taking statistics. Personal information provided on test applications, the Contact Form, or the Recognition Form is used for these purposes only. If personal information is to be used for Other Purposes, consent must be given by all parties.
  1. 4.Disclosure of information to third parties:
    Personal information will not be disclosed except in the following cases:
    • Consent of the individual has been obtained;
    • The law demands the disclosure of such personal information;
    • To protect the individual’s life and property in cases where obtaining consent is difficult;
    • To promote public health and the healthy development of children, in cases where obtaining consent is difficult;
    • To cooperate with government agencies, regional public organizations, or public administrators, when obtaining consent from the individual may hinder the performance of their duties.
  2. 5.Some operations are consigned to outside agencies.
  3. 6.You may request to disclose, change, add, or remove personal information by contacting Eiken at the postal address below or by using the Contact Form.
  4. 7.An applicant may choose to withhold certain personal information from Eiken. However, please note that in some cases, such as for test applications, Eiken will be unable to provide services if necessary personal information is not provided.
  5. 8.This website automatically generates certain non-identifying site-usage data, such as the number of hits. This data is used to aid Eiken in better serving the needs of visitors to the site. This data does not contain personal information, and the site is not equipped to collect personal information automatically.

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

Inquiries, complaints, or requests concerning Eiken’s policy on personal information, including requests to remove personal information or halt the disclosure of information to a third party, may be sent via the Contact Form or to the following postal address:

Administration Committee for the Protection of Personal Information
c/o Public & Legal Affairs Section
Eiken Foundation of Japan
55 Yokotera-machi Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan 162-8055

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