EIKEN Grades

Each of the seven EIKEN grades is a separate test with a unique set of test items and tasks designed for that level. The grades are designed to provide well-defined steps that can act as both motivational goals and concrete measures of English ability as learners move through the spectrum of commonly recognized ability levels. In a move to test the four skills at every level, all grades (except Grade 3) have been revised starting from the first administration of the 2016 test. Click here for more information.

About EIKEN Grades

Level comparison

EIKEN Grade EIKEN CSE Score CEFR Comparison Example of recognition/use
1 2630 - 3400 C1 International admissions to graduate and undergraduate programs; MEXT(*1) benchmark for English instructors (Pre-1)
Pre-1 2304 - 3000 B2
2 1980 - 2600 B1 MEXT benchmarks for high school graduates
Pre-2 1728 - 2400 A2
3 685 - 1700 A1 MEXT benchmark for junior high school graduates
  • *The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)