Details of the EIKEN CSE Score

From 2016, scores for all grades of the EIKEN test are reported in EIKEN CSE Scores. EIKEN CSE is a common scale used for all the grade of the test. As such, it is now possible to compare the scores received during different administrations of the test or scores on different grades of the test.

The chart below shows the EIKEN CSE Scores required to pass the first and second stages of each grade of the test. The pass line were calculated using data from past EIKEN Tests. The pass line can be seen in the charts below:

  • *The pass/fail decision for Grade 4 and 5 of the EIKEN tests are based solely on the results of the first stage test (Reading and Listening). Examinees who pass the Grades 4 or 5 speaking test will receive a separate certificate stating that they have passed the speaking test of that grade.

To compare scores across the various tests offered by the Eiken Foundation of Japan, please see the chart below:

  • CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • *1: Only the first stage test (Reading and Listening) are necessary to pass Grades 4 and 5.
  • *2: Full points for two skills: Reading and Listening
  • *3: Full points for 3 skills including Speaking

1.Scores are distributed evenly across language skills

Although the number of questions and points for each skill section of the test varies, the EIKEN CSE Score is evenly divided among the skills. As a result, the effect of one question on the total score is different depending on the section. However, within a particular section, the effect of each question on the final score is evenly distributed.

Full Points for each Skill

  • Grade 1:850points
  • Grade Pre-1:750points
  • Grade 2:650points
  • Grade Pre-2:600points
  • Grade 3:550points
  • Grade 4:500points
  • Grade 5:425points

2.Even with the same number of correct answers, scores will differ across test administrations.

As EIKEN CSE Scores are calculated using the data received during each test administration and a statistical method called Item Response Theory, it is not possible for examinees to calculate their own EIKEN CSE Score from their correct answers.

3.In order to pass, it is important to have balanced skill sets

As a result of the reasons above, it is not possible to give the exact number of correctly answered questions or percentage of correct answers needed to pass the test. However, for the June 2016 test, examinees who received passing EIKEN CSE Scores answered around 70% of questions in each of the skills correctly for Grades 1 and Pre-1. For Grades 2 and below, they answered around 60% of questions in each of the skills correctly. As the chart for Pre-1 below demonstrates, the EIKEN CSE Score makes it extremely important to have balanced skills.