Preparing for EIKEN

As a service to learners and teachers, all first-stage EIKEN materials are disclosed after each administration of the test.

Examinees are permitted to keep their test booklets for further study, and recent tests for all seven EIKEN grades, including audio files, are open to the public as free downloads.

Additionally, a variety of learning materials and activities are provided on the Eiken Foundation of Japan main website, including podcasts, interviews, articles, and hands-on exercises such as the Virtual Speaking Test.

Teachers and learners are encouraged to use these resources to become familiar with the format and content of the EIKEN tests and the levels represented by each of the grades.

Please note:

  • *Many of the EIKEN materials offered in bookstores are produced by private publishing companies not affiliated with the Eiken Foundation of Japan and do not necessarily reflect the actual difficulty levels, quality, or format of the EIKEN tests.