EIKEN speaking tests

EIKEN is given in two stages. The second stage is a speaking test designed to directly evaluate an examinee’s ability to speak and interact in English. An examinee must pass the first stage (reading, listening, and writing) in order to advance to the second stage (speaking).

The second stage is:

  • Given approximately one month after the first stage
  • Required for all examinees who pass the first stage
  • Administered for Grades 1, Pre-1, 2, Pre-2, and 3
  • A face-to-face interview conducted on-site by qualified examiners
  • Conducted entirely in English.
EIKEN Grade Length of test Number of examiners*
1 8 minutes 2
Pre-1 7 minutes 1
2 6 minutes 1
Pre-2 5 minutes 1
3 5 minutes 1
4 Not administered
  • *For Grade 1, one examiner is a native speaker of English and the other a native speaker of Japanese who is proficient in English. For all other grades, the examiner may be either of the above.

Grade 4 and 5 Speaking Tests

The second stage test is not given for Grades 4 and 5. However, from 2016, new online speaking tests in which examinees record their answers have been introduced for both grades. The speaking test is not required to pass the Grade 4 or 5 test. However, each person who registers for the Grade 4 or 5 first-stage test will be eligible to take the speaking test for that grade. Those who pass the Grade 4 or 5 speaking test will receive a separate certificate stating that they have passed the speaking test of that grade.

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