2. 試験内容
  3. サンプル問題


GCAS サンプル試験概要をご覧いただけます。


Part 1Interview3:00

  • First, please introduce yourself and tell me about the job you are doing now.
  • Do you think that there is good communication between employees in your company?
  • Do you think that it is important for the government to support small businesses?

Part 2Presentation2:00 [+ 1:30 prep time]


Using the information in the graphs below, prepare to give a presentation to your manager (the examiner). You should do the following in your presentation:

  • Summarize the information below and describe the relationships between the graphs.
  • Suggest ways that factories with a high number of accidents can improve the situation.

Graph 1.

Graph 2.

Part 3Discussion3:00 [+ 1:30 prep time]

  • Think of ways to provide cultural and professional training for employees and prepare to explain your ideas to your boss (the examiner).
  • You should give at least two ideas. You should also be prepared to defend your ideas.
  • You can use your own ideas or you can use the information in the table below to help you.
Theme Idea Details
Language learning In-company classes Hire teachers to give language lessons at the company.
Professional development Tuition subsidies Pay for courses that employees take to learn new work-related skills (project management, computer skills, etc.).
Cultural awareness Study abroad / homestay Offer extra vacation days for employees to participate in study-abroad and homestay programs.