Important Notices

2019.05.17 【IELTS tests scheduled on and beyond 24 August 2019】Regarding uploading and bringing of your Passport
2019.04.22 [Important Notice] Temporary suspension of services during Golden Week
2019.04.19 [Important Notice] (For candidates registered to 11 May's IELTS) Reminder regarding deadline of updating renewed passport information.
2019.04.17 Passport renewal deadline changed for 4, 5 May tests takers
2019.04.04 The order of the test component will change from 13th April, 2019
2019.03.07 IELTS (CDI) - Computer-delivered IELTS
2019.03.05 【Notice】System maintenance on the credit card payment
2019.02.08 IELTS sessions on February 9 at Tokyo1day, Tokyo2day, Dokkyo University
2018.12.17 【UPDATE】Test Result on IELTS Tokyo 1Day test on Thursday, 13th December
2018.12.03 Year-end and new year holiday deadline for various applications
2018.09.03 【Notice】 IELTS Official Osaka Test Centre will be closed on Sep. 4th
2018.08.23 【Notice】 IELTS Official Osaka Test Centre will be closed at 15:30
2018.08.08 【Notice】 IELTS Official Tokyo Test Centre will be closed at 15:30
2018.07.30 【Important】 Those candidates who registered for Tokyo 1Day session on 28th July, 2018
2018.07.27 【Cancellation】 Saturday 28 July IELTS Tokyo 1 Day session
2018.07.07 【Updated Notice】 Regarding IELTS test sessions on July 7 at Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima
2018.07.06 【Updated Important Notice】 For candidates who registered 3 test-places (Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima)
2018.07.03 Oct. limited: Tokyo 2 DAY Last-minute Free Course for Speaking
2018.06.21 【Notice】 Regarding IELTS test sessions on June 23, 24
2018.06.19 【Notice】 Regarding Osaka Test-center Operation
2018.06.18 【Important Notice】 Osaka Test-center Operation on June 18th
2018.05.07 【Notice】Regarding new test venue: Kumamoto (Kumamoto University Kurokami North Campus)