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Application procedure

  • Where can I check if the seats are still available in certain venue?

    Please refer to "Test Place Availability" available on the top page.
    ○…Seats available  △…Few seats available  ×…none(full) 

  • When is the registration deadline for each session?

    The dealine is 12:00 (noon), 19 days prior to the written test. The test dates are avaiable on "Venues & Dates" page.

  • What kind of ID is accepted for IELTS?

    Only passports are accepted. No other ID is accepted for IELTS registration.
    Candidates are required to bring a valid passport which is the same passport used in the application for registration. If you forget to bring your passport, you can NOT take the IELTS examination. No refund or change in the test date will be permitted. If you can not bring your passport on the test date because of a Visa application, please contact us before you register.

  • I would like to make special arrangements because I have special needs. What should I do?

    The test center needs to be informed of speacial arrangements 4 months before the test date in order to prepare special meterials for you. For futrher information, please refer to "IELTS Special Requirements" section on "Venues & Dates" page. Please be noted that you will be required to submit medical evidence in English.


  • What can I do at IELTS My Page besides registering?

    • Confirm your registration (test date, venue, module, payment, passport image).
    • Change your registration.
    • Change your personal information.
    • Check your test results.
    • Request to send your TRFs to institutions.
    • Download your Confirmation Notice (Information regarding the test venues and schedules on the test day is available here)
  • Even though it is before the application deadline, I can not select the test date I want in order to register.

    Only test dates which have seats available are shown on the screen. If you can not select the date, it means that the session is already fully booked.

  • Why I am not able to log in to my online registration account?

    There is a possibility that the username or password has been inputted incorrectly twice. Please check your user name and password on your registration e-mail. If your account has been locked, please inform the designated Test Centre about it via e-mail.
    We will unlock it and inform you via email within 3 business days. When you send us the e-mail, please make sure you provide your name (in English), date of birth, and daytime telephone number.
    If you are in a hurry to register, please create a new username and password, and register a new account.

  • I forgot my IELTS ID and password. What should I do?

    Please send us an e-mail. When doing so, please include the following information for verification purpose.

    • Your name
    • Date of birth
    • Passport Number
    • Home address
  • The online registration screen is frozen. What can I do?

    This may be because of your PC security settings or your version of Internet browser. Please amend your settings and try again.

  • I have registered online and already paid the test fee, but I may not be able to upload my passport image on IELTS My Page by the deadline. Can I still sit the test?

    No, candidates will only be allowed to sit the test after the designated test centre has confirmed that the uploaded passport information is accurate. Furthermore, refunds will not be given nor will changes to test dates be accepted.
    Please upload your passport information to "My Page" as soon as you have finished registering for the test. The deadline for uploading is 23:59, 17 days prior to the written test. Passport copies sent directly to our office by post mail will not be considered.

About Uploading Passport Information

  • Where can I upload my passport details?

    Please click on "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル(Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page or the "受験登録完了(Compete your registration)"page of "My Page."

  • Are there any specific requirements for uploading passport details?

    Please adhere to the following when scanning or taking photos of your passport.

    • Passport number, expiration date, photo, name, gender, and date of birth must be clearly legible

      *Images with any deficits(e.g. images with any part missing due to lighting etc. ) will not be accepted.

    • Must be from a valid passport
    • Must be in colour

  • Do I need to submit my passport image online each time I register IELTS sessions ?

    Yes. You must upload the image for each session. You may upload the same image for every session as long as the information on your passport is the same.

  • Which page in my passport should I upload?

    Please upload the page with your photo and signature. If you upload 2 or more pages of your passport, you may be asked by the IELTS Test Centre to reupload your passport image again.

  • I am thinking about renewing my passport before the test. I have already made my registration. When should I upload my passport image?

    Please upload your passport information to "My Page" as soon as you have finished registering for the test. After renewing your passport please make sure to update the information by following the directions listed below by 10:00, 3 days prior to the written test.

    1. Click on the "個人情報変更(Change Your Personal Details)" of "My Page" and enter your new passport number and expiration date. Make sure that the information is updated and that the new information is reflected for the test date(s) that you selected.
    2. If you have already uploaded  a copy of your passport, it is not possible to make changes from your "My Page." Therefore,  please send a coloured copy of your new passport as an attachment to the relevant email address listed below. The deadline for this is also by 10:00, 3 days prior to the written test.
    3. *If 3 days before is a national holiday, the deadline will be 10:00 the weekday before the national holiday

  • I tried to upload my passport image using my smart phone but it was not successful. What should I do?

    Please make sure to upload the image using the recommended system environment listed below.

    Recommended System Requirements

    • Device:PC

      Smartphones and tablets are not supported

    • Browser:Internet Explorer 6.0 or above、Firefox 2.0 or above

      Please make sure to use the most recent version of your browser

  • Is it possible to change details after uploading?

    Candidates are unable to make any changes after uploading, unless given specific directions from the test centre. If there is a need to change the file, please contact the pertinent IELTS test centre.

  • How can I check if the upload was successful or not?

    IELTS centre will confirm whether it was successful or not within 3 business days of uploading. You will be able to check the status of the confirmation process from the "Passport" section of the "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル(Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page of "My Page." Once the status is "Confirmed" that means that is has been successful.
    Validating: Confirmation in process
    Confirmed: Successful
    Updating: Issues found (Please upload again within the given duration)

  • I have changed my name and my current name is listed another page. How can I also upload this page?

    Candidates are only able to upload one file. Therefore, please send only that file as an attachment to an email to the pertinent test centre below.
    IELTS Tokyo test centre: jp500ielts@eiken.or.jp
    IELTS Osaka test centre:jp512ielts@eiken.or.jp

About payment

  • How do I make payment for more than one test?

    Please pay test fees separately when you apply for more than one test. Candidates need to obtain a Transaction Reference every time they register for a test. The numbers given are valid for only one test. Where payment has been made but registration procedures have not been followed correctly, we will not be able to process your application and will refund your payment minus an administration fee of 6,300 JPY (including tax). This will apply to payments made to us after the 3 day deadline for online registration, or where the registration process was not completed correctly.

  • At which convenience stores can I make my payment?

    Familymart, Lawson, Ministop and Seicomart.

  • Can I pay the test fee with a credit card?

    Yes, we accept JCB, MasterCard, NICOS and VISA.

Post registration

  • How will I be notified about my IELTS examination.

    Please check the details of the test using the confirmation notice which will be uploaded on to your My page.

    • The date for the upload of confirmation notice on your my page: 19:00 15days before the Written test date.
      Please login to your my page and download the notice from "Confirm/Change/Cancel registration status" page.

    Should you have any questions, please contact the designated Test Centre by 17:30 of the day before test.

  • Why is my name written on TRF all in small letter?

    Be aware that your name on TRF will be printed as you register online.

Cancellation and changes

  • Can I cancel my registration for IELTS?

    The deadline for cancelation is the same as the deadline for registration.
    To cancel tests, please login to your my page from the URL below and click on "Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration status". The refund will be deposited into the designated bank account about a month from the cancellation.

  • While applying for cancelation online, I accidentaly logged out of my 'My Page' before entering my bank account information. What should I do?

    Please send your bank account information to the IELTS Test Centre by email within a week.

    • IELTS Tokyo Test Centre: jp500ielts@eiken.or.jp
    • IELTS Osaka Test Centre: jp512ielts@eiken.or.jp
  • Can I change my test date or test location?

    You may request to change the test date or module online up till the registration deadline for free of charge. Please note that the requested changes of date or module are strictly subject to availability.
    If you wish to make changes more than once you will need to receive an application form from the IELTS test centre. Please contact the IELTS test centre via email to check whether the change is possible or not.
    Note that you will be charged 6,300 jpy per change.

Test Results

  • When do I get my test results?

    An official Test Report Form will be sent out via post to your registered address. Scores may be viewed on "My Page" from 13:00, 13 days after the test date, however, please note that the online test score is provisional and cannot be used as an official confirmation of your achievement. We are unable to respond to requests for test results over telephone or through email. Only one official Test Report Form will be sent out to you, so please make sure that you keep it in a secure location.

  • How can I query my score?

    In the unusual case you believe there has been a mistake in the marking, you can apply to our Enquiry on Results Service (EOR) to have your test re-marked. This must be done within 39 days of the Written test date.

  • I wish to submit my test results to institutions that I am aplying for. What should I do ?

    Please send us your request through IELTS My Page. Requests may be made through the 「試験結果閲覧・証明書発行(View Your Test Results/ Request to have your test report form sent to institutions) 」 page of "My Page" from 13:00, 13 days after the written test. Additional Test Report Forms will be sent out within 4 business days of receiving a request once details are confirmed.
    For furether informations, please refer to "Issuing Additional Test Report Forms" section on "Test Results" page.

  • Is it possible to issue Additional Test Report Form to myself? Are there any limitation regarding the designated receivers when I request to send Additional Test Report Form?

    Additional Test Report Form cannot be sent to individuals including candidates themselves, relatives, acquaintances, or other private parties involved in studying abroad or immigration procedure. This includes private agencies as well.
    Additional TRF can only be sent to official immigration departments, government institutions, and educational institutions.
    Every institution has its own application requirements. Please contact the respective institution(s) to learn exactly how and where a school require your Additional Test Report Form to be submitted before forwarding us your request.

  • I registered for a 2day session but I could not attend the written component for personal reasons. What would happen to the rest of my exam and my test results?

    Accoridng to the IELTS Global Regulations, candidates are not allowed to sit in the rest of their exam if they fail to attend one or more component. Your test results will be marked absent and will not be disclosed. Hence, your Test Report Form will not be issued. Please make sure to attend all components.

Test Day Identification

  • What is Test Day Identification?

    This is a procedure for furthering IELTS test security during the actual test session. This procedure has already been implemented in Australia, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and New Zealand. Japan began implementing the system in February of 2012 in degrees and as of June 2012 the entire system will be in place.

  • What is involved in this procedure?

    Candidates must:

    1. 1.bring and show a valid passport on test day (this must be the same passport as the one sent to IELTS Test Centre beforehand).
    2. 2.have their photograph taken on the day (this will be used on your Test Report Form).
    3. 3.have a finger-scan taken.

    All candidates must follow the above procedure to take IELTS. Refusing to take part in any or all of the procedure will result in not being able to sit the test and will not be eligible for any refunds or test day transfers of any kind.
    The passport shown on test day must be the one submitted to the designated test centre beforehand. Any other passport that we do not have a copy of will not be accepted. For example, if you decide to renew your passport after uploading your passport image on you IELTS My Page, you need to contact the Test Centre and submit the image of your new passport no later than 10:00, 3 days prior to the written test.

  • How is my finger scanned and how will it be stored?

    The new identity verification process collects a finger scan using finger scan technology connected to a PC. Each candidate is asked to place their index finger on the machine and tap the machine several times.

    The finger scan is stored as a binary blob made up of numbers (1, 0, etc).  An actual image of the finger scan is not stored. IELTS staff cannot bring out individual finger scans. The IELTS Test Centre is committed to safely operating this system and is working with an outside security advisor to secure all information.

  • Will the data be used on Test Day?

    The photograph and finger-scan taken on test day will be used for identification purposes when entering and leaving the exam room and also for verification purposes on the day of the speaking test. All information is stored with the IELTS program and when placing your finger on the device, it will automatically bring up your photo image decreasing waiting time for verification.

  • Will the data be used for any other purpose?

    The test day photograph will be printed on candidates’ Test Report Forms, and will only be used for test related purpose (including but not limited to Test Report Form issuance, receiving organization verification, etc.) in accordance with national and international data protection law. Finger-scan data will not be used.

  • Can I refuse to participate in test day identification system?

    No. All candidates must have their photo and finger scan taken in order to sit the test. Refusal to follow our security procedures may result in candidates not being allowed to sit the test, and not be eligible for transfer or cancellation or refund of any kind.

  • Can I see the photo which was taken? Can I choose which photo will be used in the TRF?

    No. Candidates are not shown their photo. However, staff will make sure that the photo is clear and that eyes are opened, etc.

  • The Listening, Reading, and Writing tests takes place on Saturday and the Speaking test takes place on Sunday in Tokyo and Osaka. Does this mean that I can have my photo taken on Sunday?

    No. Photographs will only be taken on Saturday, before the Listening, Reading, and Writing tests.

  • I registered to take the test in Tokyo/Osaka but can't because of unexpected circumstances on Saturday. What will happen?

    Candidates who have not had their photograph taken are not eligible to take the test and will not receive a Test Report Form. Furthermore, candidates are not eligible for transfer or cancellation or refund of any kind.

  • Are there any other changes in testing procedure other than having my photo and finger scan taken?

    Arrival time may become earlier in some venues. Furthermore, candidates will not be able to take the test is they do not have their photo taken. Additionally, candidates who decide to withdraw from any section of the test or decide to leave the test site early will not be sent a Test Report Form.

  • I don't want the photo taken on the test day to be printed on the Test Report Form. Can I send a different photo of myself after the test and have it printed instead?

    No. Photos on the Test Report Form must be the one taken on the test day at the test venue.