Test results: IELTS band score system

Information on IELTS band score system and test reports. Should you apply for a UK Visa, please check important notices to candidates given below.

IELTS band scale

There is no pass or fail mark.
Scores are given on an Overall Band Score of 1.0 to 9.0.

Different institutions have their own entrance requirements and may require minimum scores in particular modules. In general, universities request an Overall Band Score of 6.0 or 6.5 for entrance to academic courses. You are advised to check the requirements with the respective institution to which you are applying.

Test report

Scores are recorded on an official Test Report Form which shows the individual band score for each part of the test as well as an overall band score. Scores are valid for 2 years from the written test. Scores may be viewed on "My Page" from 13:00, 13 days after the test date, however, please note that the online test score is provisional and cannot be used as an official confirmation of your achievement. An official Test Report Form will be sent out via post to your registered address. We are unable to respond to requests for test results over telephone or through email. Only one official Test Report Form will be sent out to you, so please make sure that you keep it in a secure location.

  • *Please make sure you register your correct home address.
  • *We will not accept responsibility for Test Report Forms which are not properly delivered due to errors in the registered address or due to change of residence,
  • *If there are any changes to your address after you have taken the test, please make sure to update your "My Page" within 10 days of taking the test.
  • Online IELTS Results Service

Enquiry on Results

Candidates can apply for an EOR if they feel the test result is wrong. Candidates can choose to have one or more parts of their test re-marked. Fees for EOR are as below. An administrative fee will be charged for this service, but should the result(s) change after the Enquiry on Results, the full amount will be refunded only if the applicant for remarking designates a bank account in Japan as the account to which such refund should be made. Please note that it takes about 3 weeks for re-marking.

  • IELTS Academic/General Training 9,000円(regardless of number of components)

Candidates who wish to apply for EOR, please contact the designated test centre below;

  • IELTS Official Tokyo Test Centre:  jp500ielts@eiken.or.jp
  • IELTS Official Osaka Test Centre: jp512ielts@eiken.or.jp

Please send all necessary documents stated below within 39 days of the Written test date by post.

  1. 1.Bank deposit receipt of fee (COPY is also acceptable)
  2. 2.EOR application form(candidates may download the form from the reply sent by the test centre)

Please be noted:

  • Your all necessary documents as well as payment must arrive at the designated test centre within 39 days of the Written test date. If the deadline falls on a weekend or a national holiday, the request is due on the last business day before the weekend or national holiday. Any request received after the deadline will not be considered. Please allow yourself to have a plenty of time in case there will be a certain amount of time needed for further communication with the test centre in order to complete your EOR application.
  • Please bear in mind that any bank handling fee is liable to the applicant.
  • Your result will be locked during the EOR process. You will not be able to use the scores for application purposes or request additional TRF for the respective test date.
  • EOR request cannot be cancelled once the process has started.
  • We can only accept EOR requests from candidates who registered their IELTS session with IELTS Office (JP500 or JP512).

Issuing Additional Test Report Forms

Additional Test Report Forms may be sent up to five registered organizations. Registered organisations include governments, businesses, and educational institutions. Requests may be made through the 「試験結果閲覧・証明書発行(View Your Test Results/ Request to have your test report form sent to institutions) 」 page of "My Page" from 13:00, 13 days after the written test. Additional Test Report Forms will be sent out within 4 business days of receiving a request once details are confirmed.

Circumstances where Additional Test Report Forms cannot be issued

  • The designated receiver is an individual. This includes the actual candidate as well.
  • The designated receiver is a study-abroad or immigration agent.
  • Requests are made to send more than 2 additional Test Report Forms to the same division in the same organisation.
  • Requests are made to send additional Test Report Forms to non-designated non-registered organisations.

Before requesting additional Test Report Forms, please check that the organisation is registered. Requests for additional Test Report Forms to be sent to non-registered organisations may be subject to inquiries from the test centre.

Checklist for Sending Additional Test Report Forms

Please check the following before requesting additional test report forms.

  • Whether the organization is a designated, registered organisation.
  • Accurate name and designation of receiver. (For example, Mr. John Smith, Admissions Office)
  • Required format of additional Test Report (paper or electronic system(STED RO: Subscriber to Electronic Download Recognised Organisations) )
  • Please directly contact each individual organisation for specific information regarding designation and name of receiver.
  • If the organisation is registered and required an electronic Test Report Form, please notify the test centre of the following :
    ①specific division/office within the organisation
    ②specify "Electronic Test Report Form" in the request (If the organisation does not require a specific division or office then there is no need to have that information)

Important Information Regarding Additional Test Report Forms

Please make sure to input the correct information for each organization. This includes specific names and address of the organization as well. If the address requested is different from the official address, it may take more than 4 business days to confirm the correct address and send out the results.

※When requesting 'Issue of Test Report Form', Please be careful not to open the page on multiple tabs.