Information about regulations and procedure related to the registration of IELTS can be found on this page. Please note that IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills are hosted by the British Council, and you are not able to register for these tests through our website.

◆Mandatory: please read before registering◆

Necessary documents for Registration

A valid passport is necessary in order to register for IELTS. Make sure to register the necessary passport information by the given deadline and to bring the exact same passport on the day of the test.

You must bring a Valid Passport on the test day

  • *The passport must be the ORIGINAL copy and VALID / not expired on the day.
  • *The Passport number must match the number used for registration.
    You will not be allowed to sit the test if the numbers do not match.

When applying for Visa

If you are applying for a Visa, make sure you plan accordingly as you will have your passport on the test date.
We have a refund policy for those who were obligated to apply for Student or Immigrant Visa using IELTS scores after registering for a test date. If you have difficulty attending the test due to administration for Visa, you will be able to request for a refund. The refund will be examination fee minus commission of 6,300JPY.

Procedures for requesting refund

  1. 1.You must inform us before the test date.
  2. 2.

    Send an email, with a copy of the receipt given to you when you applied for a visa, as an attachment to the designated test centre.

  3. 3.

    After receiving your visa, send an email, with a copy of the page with the visa information, as an attachment to the designated test centre. 

  4. 4.Once we have received both the copy of the receipt and the page with the actual visa, we will confirm the details. Once confirmation is complete  you will receive a refund. Please note that this process may take some time.


It is necessary to obtain an IELTS ID for registration. Additionally, please make sure to read the information listed below (STEP 1-9) before registering as it contains important information related to payment, test day procedure, as well as test regulations.

Recommended System Requirements

  • Device:PC
  • Smartphones and tablets are not supported
  • Browser:Internet Explorer 6.0 or above、Firefox 2.0 or above
  • Please make sure to use the most recent version of your browser

Registration Flow

◆Terms and Conditions◆

  1. Step1: Registering for IELTS ID

    Please note:

    • Make sure to read through the "Disclaimer and Declaration" page which appears on screen before applying for an ID. By applying for an ID, it will mean that you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth.
    • Make sure the address and other personal information you input is accurate because this will be the information the test centre will use for any and all correspondence related to IELTS, including mailing your IELTS test results. IELTS will not accept any responsibility due to inaccurate inputted information, including not being able to receive information and/or results.
    • An individual ID is valid only for one person. An ID cannot be used by multiple people.
    • You are responsible for your IELTS ID and password. Please keep them secure. Eiken Foundation of Japan is not responsible for your IELTS ID and password and will not accept any responsibility related to the misuse or fraudulent disclosure of your passport.
    • *You cannot use the same ID used to register for IELTS tests administered by the British Council.
  2. Step 2: Logging in to "My Page" using your IELTS ID

    Please note

    • The deadline for registration will differ according to the payment method.
    • There are a limited number of seats available at each test site. Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and only test sites with available seating can be selected. Registration for test sites which have reached full capacity before the deadline may not be open.
    • For group testing  sessions, please go the  group testing login page and use the individual group login key and register.
    • *Make sure to read the following 3 documents before registering. By registering, it will mean that you have read and understood and agree to the terms and conditions set forth.
  3. Step 3 :Click "New Registration" and enter your personal information

    Click on "New Registration" of "My Page" and make sure to read the Declaration as well the IELTS Terms and Conditions which appear. Once you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, proceed to entering your personal information. * indicates a required field.

  4. Step 4 :Select your test site, test module (test type), and test date

    Select your test site, test module (test type), and test date.

    Registration Deadline

    12:00 noon, 19 days prior to the written test

    • *

      Make sure to register at least 5 days before the deadline if you wish to pay your test fee by convenience store/post office ATM.

    • *

      Only credit card payment will be accepted after the deadline for convenience store/post office ATM payment method.

  5. Step 5 :Select your payment method

    Select credit card (method A) or convenience store/ATM (method B)

    Payment Method
    Convenience store Lawson, Familymart, Ministop, Seicomart
    Post office ATM Pay-easy(ペイジー)
    • *Please note that payments may not be accepted at some post office ATMs. Please contact the post office you wish to use directly for help regarding post office ATM use.

    5-A Select credit card payment

    5-A-1 Enter credit card information

    5-A-2 Confirmation via email

    Confirmation email sent to registered address : Notice of your IELTS registration confirmation

    5-B Convenience store/post office ATM payment

    5-B-1 Confirmation email sent to registered address:  Notice of your IELTS registration confirmation

    5-B-2 Payment at convenience store/post office ATM

    Pay test fee at convenience store/post office following the directions in the email. The deadline for payment is also written in the email, so please pay by the deadline. If payment is not made by the deadline, your registration will be automatically cancelled. 

    Paying at convenience stores

    Please find the appropriate process for each store. Make sure to have your Payment ID Number and telephone number with you. The Payment ID Number is listed in the e-mail you receive after registering online.


    Touch the Blue button towards the left of the initial screen with "インターネット受付"written.

    Family Mart

    Touch the "代金支払い"box from the first screen and then the "イーコンテクスト(インターネット受付)" box on the following screen.

    Seico Mart

    Select the "インターネット受付け"button.

    Paying at Post Office ATM

    Look for the Pay-easy mark on the ATM and select the "料金払込(ペイジー)"on the bottom right of the screen. Then select the "手入力" box on the right and input the following "収納機関番号(58093)", "your phone number", "確認番号(Payment ID Number"

    5-B-3 Once the test centre has confirmed your payment, you will receive Notice of receipt of your IELTS payment via email.

  6. Step 6 :Uploading passport image

    Please note

    • You will only be allowed to sit the test after the designated test centre confirms receipt of  your passport copy or has confirmed that the uploaded passport information is accurate.
    • Please make sure to submit your passport imformation using the designated method.
    • If IELTS is unable to confirm that your passport information has been uploaded, you will not be able to sit the test. Likewise, if you are unable to submit the necessary documents by the deadline, you will not be able to sit the test for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, refunds will not be given nor will changes to test dates be accepted.

    Step6 : Uploading your passport information

    After registration, please make sure to upload your passport information to your My Page as soon as possible. We are unable to process copies sent directly to the office through the post.

    Example :

    Step 6-1 : Directions on how to upload passport information

    Follow the directions on "My Page" to upload the necessary information.
    The deadline for uploading information is by 23:59, 17 days prior to the written test.
    IELTS will not be able to accept or process any copies received in the mail.

    • *Images that  don't meet the specified requirements will not be accepted.

    Step 6-2 : Checking the status of your submission

    Click the "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル(Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page of "My Page" to check the status of your submission. When the status changes to "Confirmed", the submission is complete.

    Submission Status

    • Waiting: "No image" Please upload your passport image.
    • Validating: "Confirmation in process"
    • Confirmed: "Successful"
    • Updating: "Issues found" Please upload again within the given duration.

    If you have renewed your passport after registration

    Please make sure to follow the directions listed by 10:00, 3 days prior to the written test.

    • ①Click on the "個人情報変更(Change Your Personal Details)" of "My Page" and enter your new passport number and expiration date. Make sure that the information is updated and that the new information is reflected for the test date(s) that you selected.
    • ② If you have already uploaded  a copy of your passport, it is not possible to make changes from your "My Page." Therefore,  please send a colour copy of your new passport as an attachment to the relevant email address listed below. The deadline for this is also by 10:00, 3 days prior to the written test.
    • *If 3 days before is a national holiday, the deadline will be 10:00 the weekday before the national holiday

  7. Step 7: Confirmation of upload of passport information

      • You will only be allowed to sit the test after the designated test centre has confirmed that the uploaded passport information is accurate.

    Step7-1 : Changes and Cancellations

    Changes to Registration

    • If you wish to change your test venue, module, or test date, you may do so up to the Registration deadline, based on availability.
    • Click on the "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル (Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page of "My Page" to make the change(s).
    • First-time changes are free.
    • Any changes made for the second time or more, will be charged a 6,300 yen administration fee.


    • Cancellations are accepted to the deadline.
    • Click on the "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル (Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page of "My Page" to cancel your registration.
    • Refunds will be made through a direct bank deposit. Therefore, please make sure to have your bank details when you cancel your registration.
    • The among of the refund will be your test fee minus a 6300 yen administration fee.
    • Refunds will be made a month after cancellation.


    Generally, refunds will not be made. However, the following special circumstances may be eligible for a refund.

    An administration fee of 6,300JPY (including tax) will be made for this service.

    1. 1.Serious illness on the test day.
      Minor illnesses and colds are not considered grounds for refund. Please submit an original official medical certificate to the test centre by 5 business days after the test date to qualify.
    2. 2.Attending the funeral of a family member up to the third degree of kinship. Please submit official proof that a funeral has been conducted to the test centre by 5 business days after the test date to qualify.
    • *Please contact the designated test centre for more information.
  8. Step 8 : Downloading Confirmation Notice

    The Confirmation Notice can be viewed after 19:00, 15 days prior to the written test from the "登録内容確認・変更・キャンセル (Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration Status)" page of "My Page." Please make sure to read through the Confirmation Notice before the test date.

    The following information will be listed on the Confirmation Notice

    • Test Venue
    • Test Day Schedule
    • Candidate Number
    • *You will need your Candidate Number on your test date. Make sure to print out the Confirmation Notice or write down the information and bring to the test venue on the day.

    Special notes regarding downloading the Confirmation Notice

    • Make sure to use the recommended system requirements.
    • Make sure to check the Confirmation Notice as soon as it is viewable. If you are unable to view it, please contact the designated test centre
    • *We are unable to respond to requests made out of office hours, as well as on holidays.
  9. Step 9 : Test Day

    Only the following are permitted in the test room:

    1. 1.Valid original passport (copies unacceptable)
    2. 2.Pencils (mechanical pencils, pencil caps, pens, etc. are not allowed)
    3. 3.Erasers (without covers)
    4. 4.Water (no other drinks allowed) in a transparent bottle with the label removed.
    • *All electronical devices, including wrist watches, are not permitted in the test room.
    • *Please refrain from bringing valuables to the test venue.

    Special Circumstances for Personal Belongings

    If you wish to bring items other than glasses for medical purposes; i.e. eye drops, medicines, handkerchiefs, crutches, etc.), please contact the test centre at least 2 weeks before your test date.

    • You may be asked to submit a medical certificate in English.
    • Test day staff will check your item on the day.
    • Note that you will be not permitted to have your item with you during the test, except for special circumstances. Test day staff will keep your item at the front of the room, so please ask when you wish to use it.

Test Fee and Related Expenses

(inclusive of 8% tax)

Test Fee (per person per test)


Extra copies of Test Report Form (TRF)

  • Additional 5 copies within 30 days of date of issue: free of charge
  • Additional 6th copy or more or copies requested more than 31 days date of issues: 1,100 yen per TRF
Postage for sending Test Report Form
  • Regular mail:  free of charge
  • Registered mail: 1,600 yen per TRF

Cancellation Fee

The deadline for cancelation is the same as the deadline for registration.
To cancel tests, please login to your my page from the URL below and click on "Confirm/Change/Cancel Registration status" . The refund will be deposited into the designated bank account about a month from the cancellation.



  • Initial test change: free of charge
  • Second or additional changes:6,300 yen per change

Please contact the pertinent test centre for second or additional changes.

Initial change:free
Second change:6,300JPY

Special Requirements

IELTS test centres make every effort to cater for test takers with special requirements.
Please click the link below for more information regarding special arrangement.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure to read through the following documents. By registering for an IELTS session, it will mean that you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth.